The Percussion Robot Prototype

Presented by Wade Jenkins.

The Percussion Robot Prototype is a product of a composition process using the computational model known as the “Game of Life.” The robot was built to musically translate the visual output of the model using wooden keys. Designed and built with the assistance of UT engineering students, the P.R.P. contains 25 keys that are controlled and programmable by a master computer.  The result is a prototype of a larger machine intended to explore the intersection of music and computation.

KNOX U30 v1.0

An exhibit featuring 6 Knoxville artists under 30 years old. There is a sneaky good contemporary art scene in Knoxville.

Artists featured: Eric Cagley, Thomas Wharton, Ian Patrick Cato, Marta Lee, Lauren Sanders, and Kenzie Wells.

Dimensions Variable

A show about alternative printmaking styles for the SGC International Conference in Knoxville.

Artists featured: Jessica Gatlin, Abigail Lucien, Elysia Mann, and Geoff Silvis

ZSP Debut

Really appreciated all the love and support for the Gallery Debut.

Here is an article from the Knox Urban Guy on the space.